The internationalization actions at Unicentro have been proposed with the purpose of contributing to the development of the academic fields of excellence in our institution, without leaving aside, the goal to focus on the institutional mission of producing knowledge and implementing actions that could assist in the transformation of the socio-economic and political contexts, contributing to the development of the institution’s coverage area.

With this purpose, important international partnerships have been sharing the development of actions that allow the deepening of studies and interventions both in Unicentro’s region and in the partner’s region due the similarities in geographic (relief, vegetation, climate, among others.), social (education, economy, etc.) and cultural terms (customs, traditions, languages, etc.).

Based on the assumption that these partnerships should be developed in a two-way process, not only they have benefit the academic community at Unicentro, but also contribute to the modernization and innovation in different sectors of the countries and partners.

In this way, Unicentro has been expanding its scientific cooperation in teaching, researching, technological innovation, extension and cultural activities, in order to stimulate and enable the contact between its faculty and researchers and international partner institutions.