The Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste (Unicentro) was founded in 1990, in the Midwestern region of Parana State, covering about fifty cities and over one million people. The institutional mission is focused on the knowledge production articulated with the training of critical and creative citizens for intervene and assist in the transformation of the socioeconomic and political contexts of its coverage area.

From the conclusion of this recognition process in 1997, the institution began the expansion process with the implementation of various undergraduate and graduate programs in different fields of knowledge. Currently, it offers 49 undergraduate programs (7 which are e-learning programs) and 23 graduate programs (17 which are Master and 6 are Doctoral Degrees) accredited by Capes and offered in five colleges: College of Exact Sciences and Technology; College of Humanities, Languages and Arts; College of Health Sciences; College of Applied Social Sciences; and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

In line with the teaching activities of these programs, a large number of researches and community engagement projects have been developed and a positive impact of living conditions and regional health is observed. In addition, the institution participates in important global networks that contribute to involvement in technological innovation projects, products and patents that also contribute to improving the lives of people in general.

As a result scenario, the institutional consolidation process is in full development, what becomes evident by the recognition of the community in general and also from the official agencies in charge for the High Education policies in Brazil.