Some actions that have been developed in cooperation between Unicentro and international institutions are:

Support for the development and improvement of dairy production of Paraguayan producers: activity developed in partnership with the Universidad Nacional de Canindeyú (Paraguay), since 2014. Unicentro faculty have been assisting in the developing research and actions to improve the dairy production of Paraguayan small farms.

Internationalization Course and Cultural Awareness of the Portuguese Language: activity developed in partnership with the Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico). Unicentro faculty have been taught about culture and Portuguese language to the community of the Mexican institution.

Nucleus of Slavic Studies (NEES): Permanent Extension Program developed at Unicentro, in the Irati Campus, by an interdisciplinary team of faculty and academics. The Nucleus of Slavic Studies (Nees) seeks to give visibility to the Slavic culture, surveying the cultural aspects of Slav peoples who immigrated to the south-central region of Paraná.
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