Unicentro has a Foreign Student Reception Program that engages its academic community to welcome foreigners, promotes friendships, and opportunities to develop fluency in Portuguese.

The process consists of four parts:

1) Pre-departure orientation: Before arriving in Brazil, the foreigner receives information related to accommodation, food, documentation required for registration and stay in Brazil, and transportation to Unicentro, etc.

2) Actions to support retention of foreign students: Upon arrival, either at the airport in Curitiba or at the Irati or Guarapuava bus stations, the institution has volunteers to welcome the foreigner and help him transfer to the place where he will be staying. After this stage, the Welcome Program offers the following activities:

  • Welcome agenda at Unicentro, with a visit to the Campus Rectory and Campus Management.
  • When necessary, foreigners are accompanied by volunteers to all official offices such as the Federal Police.
  • City tour to become familiar with the city.
  • Free Portuguese Language Classes for Foreigners.
  • International Friend Project, which seeks to foster the interaction of international students with Unicentro students, contributing to a better adaptation and integration of foreign students at the institution.
  • Language Volunteers Project, which seeks to promote once-a-week meetings between native Portuguese speakers (not necessarily linked to Unicentro) with international mobility students at Unicentro, so they can speak in Portuguese about any topic spontaneously, thereby adapting and learning the language.
  • Annual meeting of foreign students.
  • Unicentro’s Internationalization Fair, which seeks to foster the internationalization process of Unicentro through the dissemination of academic, administrative and experience report information.

Get-together events.