Fellow partner!

Unicentro is a young Brazilian public university, massively recognized by society. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Education, we are among the best twenty eight universities in Brazil, in a ranking that involves more than two hundred evaluated institutions. We interact in all areas of knowledge and our vision is always to foster harmony between teaching, research and community attention, through undergraduate and graduate majors.

We also prioritize international relations. Nowadays, we have formal agreement with institutions in more than twenty countries around the world and it has a positive impact in the daily life of the campuses. We often listen to people speaking other languages in the classrooms, laboratories, halls and other places at the university. Every year, we receive dozens of professors, researchers and students. On a regular basis, our scientists travel to other countries as guest lecturers and our students are part of international mobility programs.

Unicentro also participates in important global networks that contribute to our involvement in technological innovation projects, products and patents that improve people’s lives to cite but a few.

The international community is always welcome at unicentro. Our medical clinics are open doors, as well as our study groups in humanities and social sciences, and the university as a whole. We are convinced that higher education helps to ensure a good future for society, and we are always committed to contribute.

Come and get to know Unicentro! Come and get to know South of Brazil!

Unicentro creating and renewing!


Prof. Dr. Osmar Ambrósio de Souza